Investors and advisors for platform businesses in the digital and payments ecosystems globally.

About Us

MPD is an investment and advisory firm founded in 2004 by pioneers in the new economics of platform businesses and multi-sided markets. MPD’s principals start and invest in platforms, two of which have become global leaders in their areas. They also serve as board members, advisors, or consultants to private and public companies with a digital or payments focus.

Digital and Payments Expertise

MPD has deep experience with the digital and payments ecosystems, including AI and FinTechs, through its research and advisory work. The principals have close relationships with executives, entrepreneurs, and investors in these ecosystems.


MPD was founded in 2004 by three of the pioneers in developing the new economics of two-sided markets and applying it to business strategies: Dr. David S. Evans, Professor Richard Schmalensee, and Karen Webster.

Karen Webster has served as MPD’s CEO since its inception. A sought-after keynote speaker and serial entrepreneur, she is a leading authority in payments, and the broader connected economy, globally.

David S. Evans

Karen L. Webster

Richard Schmalensee

Intellectual Capital

MPDs founders have collaborated on landmark books on platform strategy including the award-winning Matchmakers: The New Economics of Multisided Platforms, published by Harvard Business Review Press.

They have used this research, along with scores of widely cited professional articles, to develop proprietary frameworks for launching profitable platform businesses.

MPD also has a vast warehouse of data collected from more than two million respondents globally since 2020.